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Button Earrings

I first saw these earring on Trey and Lucy. LOVED THEM! I have made SO MANY of these earrings in the past year! I have made them for myself and others, they make fabulous gifts! Plus, they are so easy and so cheap and so cute. Ummmm….great combination, just my kind of craft!


All you need are cute buttons (1 for each ear), a shank remover, E6000 (glue), flat ear pad posts and butterfly nuts. I know, what a weird name right??? Why would anyone name the little thingy that you put on the back of your earring to hold it on a “butterfly nut”??? How many times can you say butterly nut without it starting to sound funny? I just tried it and only got to to 4 times before it the words started to moosh together as they came out of my mouth!


Here is a pic of E6000, just in case you don’t know what it is!




Button Earrings, She Made it (3)


Button Earrings, She Made it (4)


That shank remover was one of the BEST purchases I ever made at JoAnn’s! It was only around $4.00 after my 40% off coupon. Great investment! It pops the shank right off the button.


You just use the E6000 to adhere the button (after shank is removed) to the pad post. Then it is ready for your ears. You can make up LOTS of these in just minutes!


Here is a great place to purchase post pads and butterfly nuts. You can also purchase them at JoAnn’s but I find that the post is too long (it pokes me in the head when I am on my phone) and the butterfly nut DOES NOT stay on the post. It slides right off. So take my advice, order them on the internet, so much better!


Look how cute they are!Button Earrings, She Made it (2)


Now look at them in my ears, (don’t look at my NO-makeup face.)

Button Earrings, She Made it

Now GO and make yourself some! I promise you will LOVE them!

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