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Clearance Frame Re-do

I found these frames at Target on a clearance end cap!! SCORE!! They were less than $2 dollars a piece! And one of them is cute and I am not going to do a thing to it; (well as of right now anyway!)


What a deal because let’s face it, sometimes clearance at Target is not really clearance! What do you mean only a dollar or two off the regular price, that does NOT equal clearance in my book!

So like I said, love the white with the green damask print, but the “grandkids” one….cute, but I am not a grandmother, so it needed some changing!

Ever since my burlap wreath project I seem to be wanting to find more ways to use burlap. I despise the mess it makes on my floor while I am working with it, and let’s be I honest, it has a slightly nasty smell, but it can be super cute!!

So instead of grabbing the spray paint (spray paint is always my first grab to fix ANYTHING!) I decided to cut a strip of burlap and make sure the edges were nice and frayed. Then I used my hot glue gun to secure the burlap in the front and on the sides in the back. This covered up the words, YAY!




Obviously too plain, it needs something cute and girlie, how about a flower.

I love rolled flowers (stay tuned for my tutorial on this tomorrow) so I made 3 lovely flowers and glued them right onto the burlap.


After looking at it for like 5 minutes……like it, but not in love with it (does that ever happen to you) it just seemed to be missing something.

Then, voila!! Inspiration struck in the form of a 6 inch piece of ribbon on my craft table, a scrap of ribbon that I have been tempted to throw away many times. I cut it into 2 small pieces and glued them right under the main flower, and Ahhhhhh, there we go. Peace and satisfaction in the form of creativity.


I LOVE CLEARANCE and my stash of ribbon and material! A girl can never have enough!

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Milk Jug Recycle

My 5 year old daughter is always BEGGING to do a craft with me. I have a love/hate relationship with these requests. I LOVE spending time with her but it seems that I am always going a million directions and the last thing I seem to want to do is stop the million things that need doing and spend quality time with her!!!! I know, I know problem right?!? I have been putting her off for days, promising “we will craft tomorrow.” Yesterday when she asked again, I couldn’t bring myself to say no, so I stopped what I was doing and we got to crafting!
I have been saving milk jugs (cleaned and rinsed out ones of course) for a rainy day. So I googled milk jug kids crafts and came across this cute idea on Family Fun. You will love this site, LOTS of great kids ideas for just about anything.

Here is a picture of our finished craft. My daughter loves it, both my girls really like containers to put stuff in. They put things in, then take them out, then put them back in, then carry them around……hey whatever entertains them works for me!
DSC00005 (2)

All you need is a milk jug, tissue paper in different colors, a glue stick, mod podge and a foam brush.


Cut off the top section of the milk jug, and then cut the tissue into circles.

Then let your little one use the glue stick to glue the circles onto the jug.


Take the mod podge and cover the jug coating all the circles. I did let my daughter do this part and she actually did just fine despite a little OCD anxiety on my part! Just look at that smile! This was a good day.

After the mod podge dries your child has a little scooper for small toys, or little nick nacks!

Drive a car….anywhere!

Making Christmas presents is one of my most favorite things. The fun of hunting for the right idea, and then creating the gift is so exciting. This year I made all my nephews these great car cozy’s.



Don’t you just love the numbered parking spaces, so organized!


I got the idea from Homemade by Jill, she has a super easy to follow tutorial here. If you haven’t ever visited her blog, GO CHECK IT OUT, I love it, so much great stuff.

Now I am not one of those mom’s that insist my 2 girls play with all things girl (not that I mind when they do, I LOVE girly things). My 2 year old really enjoys playing with cars, so I had to make her a car cozy too. But…of course it had to be pink, with a cute flower! I also added names to the front of each one so that it was easy to tell who each one belonged to.

These were such a big hit with kids and moms alike. Now the kiddos can drive their cars…anywhere; church, the doctor’s office, the car, wherever they want. So FUN!

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