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Chalkboard Banner

Lately I have been crushing hard on chalkboard paint! I change my mind A LOT and chalk boards are seriously perfect decorations for someone who is often changing things up!

I made this banner for my daughter’s 5th birthday a few weeks ago. Super easy. Here is the supply list:

chalkboard… – Check it out at

Piano Makeover

I have played the piano since I was 7. I took lessons until my junior year in high school when I decided I was way TOO cool, and didn’t have enough time for practicing anymore. I started teaching lessons to kids when I was 15 and haven’t stopped. I currently have 19 students and I… – Check it out at

Upright Piano Moving Tip

I am writing this post today from a place of TOTAL EXCITEMENT!!!! EEEEEK!!! My uber talented friend Marcy who painted my Chevron Patterned Wall in my craft room is now going to paint my piano!!! Should I use a few more exclamation marks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is how stoked I am about it!!! Now… – Check it out at!

4th of July Tye Dyed shirts

I always, every year just buy those 5 dollar shirts from Old Navy with the flag on them. But….this year I decided to make my girls some patriotic shirts. How hard could it be right? Well…after scouring pinterest for ideas I settled on trying some tye dying. The tutorial I found was…

Fabric Tacks

I saw this idea on U-Create in a post about ways to use fabric scraps. Remember my fabric covered buttons post? I love the buttons, but was trying to figure out ways to use them.

Then I saw Kari’s post and sat right down and made these.

Fabric Tacks, She Made it Crafts (2)


Fabric Tacks, She Made it Crafts (3)

Just make the fabric covered buttons, then use pliers or a shank remover to pull off the shank.

Fabric Tacks, She Made it Crafts (6)

Fabric Tacks, She Made it Crafts (7)

Hot glue a tack in the center, Fabric Tacks, She Made it Crafts (9)

and there you have it! Cute, custom, tacks!

I also glued magnets to the back of some of them,

Fabric Tacks, She Made it Crafts (11)

perfect for my fridge!

Fabric Tacks, She Made it Crafts (5)

Perfect for my corkboard!

Fabric Tacks, She Made it Crafts (1)

Love it, cute, stylish and practical!


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Perfect Bookmark

I love this project I am going to share with you today! I feel bad because I know I have seen this on several blogs in the past year, but I don’t remember where. So I can’t give the credit to anyone, so if it was you THANKS!!!

Pin It
Awesome Bookmark, She Made it Crafts (6)

I made one of these for me, my momma, and my sister for Mother’s Day! We all really LOVE a good book!

Awesome Bookmark, She Made it Crafts (5)

It is the perfect bookmark, it doesn’t slip out and it holds the pages down on the left side while I read. It is especially neat because if I leave my book open on the table (you know when you get interrupted by your little one’s) it doesn’t flip pages, or close on me making me lose my place!


Plus it is cute!


And so easy to make, all you need is:


Big Button

Elastic Hair Band

First decide how long you want your bookmark to be, I measured with a medium sized book. Cut your ribbon, then loop around the elastic hair band and sew. I went back and forth about 5 times so it was really strong.

Awesome Bookmark, She Made it Crafts (2)

I used Fray Check to seal the edge of the ribbon to help it not fray.

Awesome Bookmark, She Made it Crafts (3)

I inserted the ribbon back into the book and figured out where to place my button.

Then hand sew the button on. Trim any excess ribbon, and seal end with fray check.

Awesome Bookmark, She Made it Crafts (4)

I sewed on an additional button in case I am using a smaller book. I grabbed a paperback to measure where to place that button. That way the bookmark works for big and small books!

Awesome Bookmark, She Made it Crafts (1)

Awesome Bookmark, She Made it Crafts (7)

And there you go! All ready for a snuggle in with a good book!




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ALL Seasons Columns

Today I am going to share a neat project with you, Seasonal Columns with interchangeable toppers! I love things that serve more than one purpose. These columns can decorate your home in ANY season. Just replace the topper with a trinket suitable to whatever holiday is around the corner.

Decor Columns with Interchangeable Toppers, She Made it (8)

Right now mine are dressed up for spring, but I am excited to change them for the 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, and everything in between!

Decor Columns with Interchangeable Toppers, She Made it (7)

List of Supplies:

table leg (hardware store $3-$5 depending on size)

moulding corner (hardware store, moulding section $2-$3)

wooden dowel

spray paint

glaze (optional)

wood glue or Gorilla Glue



First drill a hole in the center of your moulding corner. This is so that the screw in the top of the table leg has a place to go. Then drill a hole in the center of the bottom of the table leg, about 3/4” deep. This hole is for your dowel to fit into.

She Made it

Cut dowel so you have (2) 2 1/2” pieces.

Sand pieces if necessary, then spray paint. I glazed all pieces to make them look distressed. I love me some distressing!

After paint is dry, glue the table leg onto the square, I used Gorilla Glue, but wood glue would work as well. We use Gorilla Glue at my house so much that when my 5 year old broke her Barbie’s tiara last week she asked me if I could just fix it with “Daddy’s special Gorilla Glue” sigh…so cute!

Fit the dowels into the hole at the top of the table leg. Voila, hard part done!

Decor Columns with Interchangeable Toppers, She Made it (10)

Now head off to the craft store and go straight to the wood nic-nac aisle. Pick out some stuff, (they are super cheap, like .25 to .59 cent cheap) bring them home and paint them. You can either glue them onto your dowel, or drill a hole in the bottom of your item and fit it onto the top of the dowel. I chose a birdhouse, and a cutie ovalish shape!

She Made it1

The birdhouse I painted with acrylic paint and them glazed. The shape looked like a  sign to me, so after spray paint and glaze I printed out “Spring” in pink vinyl and used a brad for the dot on the “I”. Then I drilled holes in the bottom of both shapes and fit them onto the dowels.

Decor Columns with Interchangeable Toppers, She Made it (9)

Now take note people, here is the cool part. I didn’t glue the dowels or the toppers on. So come the next Holiday, I can switch them right out with something more suitable. Here is a pic of some of the fun things I picked up for future use!

Decor Columns with Interchangeable Toppers, She Made it (13)


Decor Columns with Interchangeable Toppers, She Made it (6)

This was a super fun, easy, affordable and totally functional project!




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Button Earrings

I first saw these earring on Trey and Lucy. LOVED THEM! I have made SO MANY of these earrings in the past year! I have made them for myself and others, they make fabulous gifts! Plus, they are so easy and so cheap and so cute. Ummmm….great combination, just my kind of craft!


All you need are cute buttons (1 for each ear), a shank remover, E6000 (glue), flat ear pad posts and butterfly nuts. I know, what a weird name right??? Why would anyone name the little thingy that you put on the back of your earring to hold it on a “butterfly nut”??? How many times can you say butterly nut without it starting to sound funny? I just tried it and only got to to 4 times before it the words started to moosh together as they came out of my mouth!


Here is a pic of E6000, just in case you don’t know what it is!




Button Earrings, She Made it (3)


Button Earrings, She Made it (4)


That shank remover was one of the BEST purchases I ever made at JoAnn’s! It was only around $4.00 after my 40% off coupon. Great investment! It pops the shank right off the button.


You just use the E6000 to adhere the button (after shank is removed) to the pad post. Then it is ready for your ears. You can make up LOTS of these in just minutes!


Here is a great place to purchase post pads and butterfly nuts. You can also purchase them at JoAnn’s but I find that the post is too long (it pokes me in the head when I am on my phone) and the butterfly nut DOES NOT stay on the post. It slides right off. So take my advice, order them on the internet, so much better!


Look how cute they are!Button Earrings, She Made it (2)


Now look at them in my ears, (don’t look at my NO-makeup face.)

Button Earrings, She Made it

Now GO and make yourself some! I promise you will LOVE them!

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Countdown to Easter

This is the project I guest posted at Mine For the Making last week. Just in case you missed it!

I don’t know about you but at my house right now we are ALL about EASTER!

My 2 girls LoVE Easter, (of course they do, egg hunts and candy, what else could they want?)

I have come up with a terra-cotta bunny pot. A cute place to keep treats and to count down the days ‘til Easter is here!


Terra Cotta Pot
Foam Brush
Glue Gun
Acrylic Paint (I used pink)
Spray Paint (I used green)
Foam sheets (dark and light pink and white)
2 black pipe cleaners
fluff balls (white and pink, different sizes)
plastic googly eyes
cardstock and patterned paper
Black marker
vinyl wording (optional)












Okay, so there you have it! Now anything I say beyond this point you probably won’t even read….but I just have to share! My girls really love doing crafts with me, so I bought them each their own small terra cotta pot and they made bunnies of their own.

Check it out! So cute! You could totally do this with your kiddos!

She Made it (3)





What a cutie faced, “HOPPY” little bunny pot family! I know too “punny” I just couldn’t help myself!

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Rolled Flower Tutorial

I learned how to make these “oh so cute” rolled flowers from my neighbor and dear friend Jamie over at her lovely and inspiring blog, I Heart Naptime! Jamie is the biggest reason why I have ventured out into unknown territory and started my own craft blog!

Go visit her, I promise you will not regret it!!!

All you need is some fabric, felt, scissors, and hot glue gun.

Just cut the fabric into a long strip and tie a knot at one end. Then glue the knot to the center of a square piece of felt.


Twist the fabric and wrap around the knot, gluing as you go.


You can twist as loosely or as tightly as you want, just depends on how you want the flower to look.

She Made it (2)

When the flower is as big as you want (or you are at the end of your fabric strip) just glue the end down.

Take your scissors and trim the felt square into a circle so that the felt isn’t visible when looking at the flower straight on.


You can then attach an alligator clip for your hair or a baby headband. A pin for a broach, or you can attach these flowers to picture frames, gift boxes, baskets, really they look good on anything! This particular flower I am gluing a velcro dot to the back so I can attach it to my very cool burlap wreath to dress it up for SPRING!

DSC00055 (2)

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