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Tidy Tuesday-Emergency Clutch

Today instead of sharing one of my own tidy “tricks” I am going to share something AWESOME that I saw on Eighteen25.


Emergency Clutch Tutorial


emergency clutch tutorial[4]

Go and check this out, I am totally gonna make one of these! Perfect for all those little emergencies!

Tidy Tuesdays-What the Sheet?

Yes, Sheets! How easy it is to wash them, but remembering to do it is sometimes a challenge. In my house I wash the sheets and bedding every pay day. That way it is easy for me to remember to do it , and they get washed every 2 weeks. If they need it, obviously I wash them in between, but I find that picking something like a pay day and using that to remind you to wash sheets (or something else) is very helpful!!



What do you do to remember to wash or clean the things in your house that need regular cleanings?

Tidy Tuesdays-Magic Peanut Butter

SO I was thinking and thinking about what tidy tip to share with you this week, and then my kiddos totally helped me out! They smeared pink bubble gum on the stool in their bathroom! Wasn’t that nice of them? Ugh! I hate gum! Well, not when it is in my mouth, but it is such a PAIN to clean up!

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PB gum removal, She Made it Crafts (1)


My little brother Tyler taught me this trick with peanut butter. Yep, you heard me, I learned something from my little brother and yes it was about cleaning! Crazy huh?


Ty showed me that Creamy PB will remove lots of sticky things. So far I have used it to remove the sticky residue in new shoes from the stickers that sometimes are placed inside. Or on flip flops, why do stores even put stickers on shoes where your feet are going to be???


PB has removed residue from band aids, stickers on my walls and furniture and has helped me take the labels off of jars and cans I want to repurpose! Good stuff right??

PB gum removal, She Made it Crafts (2)

But back to the gum, I smeared the PB on the gum, and let it sit for a few minutes.

PB gum removal, She Made it Crafts (3)

Then I took my handy Pampered Chef scraper (LOVE those things) and went to town. I scraped and scraped and the gum came right off! Amazing!

PB gum removal, She Made it Crafts (5)

Nice and Clean! New Rule: NO MORE GUM FOR LITTLE GIRLS!

p.s. A tip I just read online said that pb will also remove gum out of hair. Tuck that tid bit of information away in your brain, you might need it someday!

15 minutes a night

Time for a little cleaning tip for this weeks Tidy Tuesday’s.


At the end of the day my house is usually always a mess with stuff scattered everywhere. Toys on the floor in the wrong rooms, crayons, markers and bits of paper everywhere. Snacks left out from earlier in the afternoon. Discarded clothes and dress ups in random places. Sound like your house at all??


I absolutely HATE going to bed with a messy house. I do it sometimes, but I know that my morning goes SO much better when I wake up with a tidy house.


Every night before bed I gather the troops and we all pick up the house for 10 to 15 minutes. This small amount of time restores a semblance of order to our humble abode and it makes me happy…sigh.


This Tiny Tip makes a Huge difference at our house. I promise it will at yours too!!! Try it, tell me how it goes!!!

Tidy Tuesdays-Cleanin’ Out Your Closet!

Hi all! I KNOW that you are probably like me and you have a tough time cleaning out your closet! It is hard to throw out clothes you don’t wear anymore. You say to yourself, “maybe I will wear it again” “I might fit into that again someday” “maybe this will come back in style”! Sometimes we just need some help to help ourselves get rid of clothing that is clogging up our closets.


I used to watch Oprah (back when I had one child and wasn’t teaching piano, sigh, I had more time then.) I remember one day on her show she gave a tip I have never forgotten. In fact I have used it several times to figure out what clothes to take to Goodwill and what to keep.


All you have to do is go to your closet right now and turn ALL your hangers backwards. This is backwards, unless you already hang your hangers this way, then backwards would be the opposite way for you!!

clean out closet, She Made it

When you return a shirt to your closet after wearing it, you hang it back the RIGHT way not the WRONG way. Set a time limit, Oprah suggested 6 months, and every piece of clothing that is still hanging on a backwards hanger is what you donate!

Clean out closet, She Made it (2)

Obviously you might need to do this once a season for the next year, that way you can clean out all your clothes, winter, spring, fall and summer!


It feels good people, I did this last year and it was so freeing to get rid of clothes that previously I just couldn’t bring myself to part with. I find that sometimes I develop an emotional attachment to my clothes. Wait….did I just say that? I know, sounds crazy, but it is true. I think of the place I wore a certain shirt, or where I was and who I was with when I bought it. Silly, but it makes it hard to get rid of clothing. This system really worked for me. I hope it can work for you too!


If you try it, let me know, I would love to hear how it goes for you!

The Beginning of TIDY TUESDAYS

I have a confession to make! I really enjoy a clean and tidy house. I know it isn’t ALWAYS clean and tidy, but I work really hard to try and keep it that way. Over the past 9 years that I have been married I have picked up and learned some neat tips and tricks for organizing, de-cluttering, stain removal and cleaning.

So, an executive decision has been made! Every Tuesday I am gonna share some great stuff with you, I have from here on out named Tuesdays, TIDY TUESDAYS! I will work hard to make sure they are full of great stuff for you. Plus if you have any great tips I would love for you to share them with me!

Later today I will post our FIRST EVER real TIDY TUESDAY post! Stay tuned!

Cleaning TIP

I have this obsessive LOVE of cleaning NEED to clean! Over the years I have developed a few tips and trickeroos that work really well for me! I thought I would share one with you.

THIS TIP TODAY that I am sharing is perhaps my FAVORITE ONE! And it isn’t even HARD! All you need is………..drumroll please…..


apron from ucreate

This apron is from Ucreate. An Awesome blog that I have followed for a REALLY LONG time. Go and visit, I promise you will LOVE IT!

Just put on an apron before you start tidying up the house. Then as you clean each room you can put those items that belong in other rooms into the apron pockets. As you move through the house you can pull those items out of your pockets and return them to their rightful places throughout the house!

No more running around taking each item to it’s proper place one at at time!

This apron-pocket method saves me a lot of time. My kids carry their little toys and trinkets all over the house. I love that I can collect and deposit those cutie little toys back into their room at the same time instead of one by one!

So, GO TRY IT! You might find that you LIKE IT!!

Any to die for tips and tricks for cleaning that you want to share with me?

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