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Cutie Little Gift Idea

I get to serve in primary in our ward, LOVE IT! This year for Father’s Day we made all the Dad’s “M&M Bowties”. It was so fun to see the kids tying the bowties on their Dad’s and then the men walking around with these cutie little yummies tied around their necks. Dad’s are so great.

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Father's Day Bowties, She Made it (3)

We used the small hair elastics (from the dollar store) to cinch the bag of candy in the middle, then we tied yarn to the hair elastics. Usually elastic would be better yarn, but in this case I just have one word for you, BUDGET! Yarn is cheaper than elastic people, and it worked just fine! I also typed up a poem I found online and attached to the front


I know Father’s Day is over, but this idea can be used for any number of things. It would be great as a thank you gift, or a party favor. In fact in primary this year we have been using Skittles for the kids birthdays. We call them Birthday Bows, or Birthday Bow Ties. We use the elastic to strap (use elastic instead of yarn) around the girls heads like a head band (hence the bow) and then around the boys necks for a bow tie! It is so cute, they love it and it is absolutely adorable.

Father's Day Bowties, She Made it (2)


Just thought I would share the idea in case any of you are also in primary, or can see a use for these for something fun in your lives!

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