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Ballerina Party for your Princess

DIY Ballerina Themed Party


Does your little girl love crafts and all things pink? A ballerina themed party will put a smile on her face all day and can be rather simple and fun for moms to organize!


For the party, have the girls arrive in tutus or have a few extras on hand for them to borrow. You can easily find inexpensive ones or you can reach out to friends and family in order to borrow some. Begin their day as ballerinas with a princess tea. Serve cheese and crackers, muffins, an assortment of fruit, and accompany your snacks with juice and sweet tea.


After the little ballerinas have had their yummy princess brunch, put on some music and have them dance about in their tutus. If possible, have the girls look at themselves in a mirror as a few moms direct them in twirls and pliés!


Choose pink for the standout color of the affair but pair it with a soft blue or yellow. Be smart and crafty by decorating with pretty pieces you already own, like gauzy curtains or a delicate tablecloth. A fun activity that will add to the décor of the party is for the girls to draw themselves as ballerinas and have them hang their finished work of art around the party area.


After the girls have had a good bit of activity, have them sit properly in their chairs like good ballerinas and serve them a homemade cake fit for princesses. This easy party will be a favorite memory of yours and of your precious ballerinas!


About the Author: Lisa is a guest post writer who specializes in crafty, DIY activities for children and parents, particularly with Mario Bros party supplies.

Wedding Shower for My Little Sis

My baby sister Chelsie got married just before Christmas. My other sister Tiffany, who is also my partner in crime, my confidant and best friend other than my husband, co-hosted her shower with me. We threw the shower at Tiff’s house so we had plenty of time to decorate and set up. It was SO much fun thinking of decorating and food ideas. This is my very last sister to get married, so it had to be BIG! Chelsie chose black and white damask, and a mossy green for her colors. Very elegant and pretty. Tiff and I decided on a BBQ chicken salad for dinner.DSC00959

Me and my sister Tiff and the BBQ salad goodness!

If you are wondering, what the heck is a BBQ chicken salad, you need to check out Jamielyn’s blog here for the recipe. It is absolutely, positively delicious!

For the best part of the evening, DESSERT, we chose a mini theme. All the desserts were mini. We had mini strawberry cheesecakes, chocolate cake balls, mini chocolate cupcakes, and mini turtle brownies and brownie bites. It was all very delicious, trust me I ate A LOT of everything.
DSCN0874DSCN0883DSCN0875October 2010
For decorations I used my cricut to make this banner, and to cut out the cupcake toppers.
I ordered tissue poms on etsy and we hung them above the dessert table and above the gift table. The store I ordered from even had a B&W; damask pom, awesome!

This is my cutie little sis, Chelsie, admiring the gifts that are soon to be hers!
I wanted something special for party favors. So I bought a piece of sheet metal at Home Depot, found an old frame hiding out under my bed. I cut the sheet metal down to size with a pair of tin snips and fit it into the frame. I purchased round metal tins from the craft store, and glued a magnet to the back of each one. After decorating the top of the tin, I filled them with mints and stuck them onto my newly made magnet board. Then displayed it at the shower on a stand. Love it!

I also wanted something neat for the front walkway outside. So my aunt cut out vinyl words and attached them to pieces of foam board. Then we taped them to metal poles and stuck them into the ground leading up to the front door. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE vinyl!
Ok, so there is a pumpkin, and bales of hay in this picture. Yes, I threw this shower in October of last year. I am just super slow to post it!

Last but not least, here are my sisters and my momma and me! I will always remember this fun day! I do love a good party!

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