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{Big} Announcement!!


Hi everyone, today I have some BIG news to share with you! I have started a new blog called  32turns!!   I am so extremely excited about my new site and have been blogging there on a consistent and regular (pretty much every day) basis for the last few weeks! I know I have been super less than consistent about new content on She Made it and for that I apologize!

But let me make it up to you by having you come visit me at my new home.

 32 Turns Button

32 turns, is a lifestyle/craft blog where I share easy crafts, ideas for the holidays, great and simple recipes, and things to make your life easier, and more organized. Plus I share bits about me and my life because that is how friendships work. I will share me with you, and hopefully you will come and visit often and comment and let me get to know you better. 

Here is a taste of some of the things you will find over at 32 turns:

Strawberry Vanilla Banana Bread 32turns (10)

Thumbtack Craft Balls 32turns (2)


Shower Dessert Table 32turns (8)

I love blogging, and since I have done a rotten job of keeping up with it on this site, I just wanted a fresh start and a clean slate. But don’t fear, I am not abandoning you, I am still going to be blogging here at She Made it, I promise at least a few times a month. I love She Made it, it was my first blogging endeavor and it means a lot to me. But again I am GIDDY with excitement about 32turns! 

Come and take a peek!

Card for Mother’s Day

I have already given these cards away (obviously, Mother’s day was 3 days ago) but I wanted to give you all a peek at the cards I made. I LOVE making cards! Especially for people I care about!

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Mday Cards. She Made it Crafts

One is for my Mother-in-Law and the other is for my Aunt. I love them both, My Aunt has lived here in Arizona by us for 6 years now. Until recently we have had no other family nearby. She really has been a mother to my husband and I and a Grandma to our kids. She is awesome and definitely gets mom’s day stuff from me! My Mother in Law just moved here right by us and we couldn’t be happier about having her close!


I didn’t snap a picture of my Mom’s card before I mailed it off, she lives in Washington. Ooops! It was cute too, I promise! Love you Momma, you are the best mom EVER!

Me and My Family
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