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A New Chore Chart


I know in the past I have posted a tutorial on a chore chart for your kids, but my girls are just getting older (time goes by WAY too fast!!!) And I needed a new chore chart. One that I could use to add extra chores to on a daily basis, or just have basic chores if the day is really busy. My oldest is in kindergarten and I wanted to have a place that she could mark off her school work and her assigned reading each day. I wanted one that was a little more interactive, so that my youngest who is 3 could understand which day’s chores we were working on. I wanted one that I could incorporate an incentive program into.

I was using my chalkboard chore chart (which was great) and just giving the girls a .50 a day for finishing all of their chores. But then I would take them to the store with their money to buy something and they wouldn’t understand how much money they had and what they could buy with it. They always wanted something that was out of their price range and they didn’t understand why. The fits that were happening in the store, oh man! Definitely time for a new system. I decided that instead of money as a reward I wanted to have a family store where they could earn points for chores done and then turn those points into me once a week to “shop” at the family store.

I searched the internet….I searched Pinterest…and I FOUND IT! I have been using this chore chart system in our home for 3 weeks now. (I wanted to make sure it was successful before I blogged about it to you.) It is successful! Yay!

You can find the tutorial and instructions HERE. It took me some time to print out everything, cut it out, laminate it, and then cut it out again. But well worth the effort don’t you think?


The lady who made all these wonderful chore chart graphics did a great job, I did have to make a few of my own just to fit my family exactly.  I pretty much use the system the way she designed it to be used with just a few changes.

It works like this. Every day is a different color. The girls are responsible for doing the chores on their chart in that color each day. If they whine and cry at me about doing their chores, they still have to do the chore they just don’t get a ticket. When a chore is done, they remove the card and place in underneath to show it is completed. At the end of the day they trade me completed chore cards for tickets in the same color. At the end of the week they trade me for shopping privileges. The pink tickets don’t go with a particular day, I use those to reward special behaviors or extra help around the house that doesn’t have to do with a chore. I also take away tickets for bad behavior. 


When they have 20 tickets they get to shop in the “ticket box”. This is full of treats, toys and surprises. Mostly from the dollar store, or dollar bins at Target and Michael’s. They think this is awesome, and then I don’t have the money issue!


On top of earning tickets the girls can also earn stickers for their rewards card. They earn a sticker for each day that every single one of their chores is completed. After 9 stickers their card is full and they can shop from the “card box”. This box has even better stuff like bigger treats and more expensive toys like little lego sets or polly pocket/princess toys. Or a new toy for the pool, etc. I also added some laminated cards for a play date, ice cream date with Dad or Mom, video game time, etc.

They can also shop from this box with a “Bee-havior card” I give these cards out for VERY special behavior. Like a whole day of awesomeness, or something really big. These are not given out very often, it is kind of a big deal to get one! Smile


So far, this system is working great! The girls think it is a blast to earn tickets and “buy” their own stuff with their tickets. We will see how long it lasts, hopefully a long time! I think this summer I am also going to put into place an independent behavior system. Like a green, yellow, red stoplight program. The girls will be home all day, everyday, and their behavior will need to be monitored (really I mean their ATTITUDES which get huge and scary and sassy!!!! Ahhh!!!)


Anyone every use a behavior system????? I would love to hear which one and how it worked for you!!!


HERE is my pinterest board for all the chore chart ideas I collected in case you want to check it out!

Too much ribbon??? NEVER!!!

I got busy today organizing my ribbon stash. I love ribbon and I love to organize so today was a happy day!

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Ribbon Organization, She Made it Crafts (2)

I saw last week on I Heart Naptime the idea for using a straw holder to hold your ribbon. Genius! I happened to have a straw holder that I received from Jamie at I Heart Naptime during a party she threw at my house hosted by Ovaltine.


Thanks Jamie for the great party and the straw holder! For Fun here is a picture of our kiddos out by the pool, slurping down some frozen hot chocolate that she made. YUM!


I wasn’t sure at first that I needed a straw holder but now I am SO glad that I have it!

Ribbon Organization, She Made it Crafts (5)

Check it out! Love it right?

I have tons of ribbon but am always buying more (why do I do that?), most of it I keep in containers in a drawer.

Ribbon Organization, She Made it Crafts (1)

The pieces that are no longer on a spool I fold around my fingers and stick in these glass jars so I can see what I have.

Ribbon Organization, She Made it Crafts (6)

Ribbon just makes everything better! Here are so more ways that I found to organize your ribbon stash! Have fun!

Pant hanger.jpg-550x0

Using a pants hanger at Creating Keepsakes

The Ribbon ring

Ribbon Ring at Kevin and Amanda

ribbon 1 1

Not sure who to credit for this one???? Been in a file on my computer for awhile…..if this is your picture, GREAT idea, THANKS!

Chore Charts


Getting kids to do chores is always a bit tricky. My 2 girls respond really well to reward programs so I made our family their very first chore charts. One for each cutie girl. They can check off the chores they have completed each day and at the end of the day if all chores were completed they get to pick a warm fuzzy to put in their jar. When their jars are full, then they get to pick a date with Mom or Dad anywhere they want to go. Well….anywhere within reason! Not to Disneyland, more like the movies, bowling or Chuck E. Cheese!


Fuzzies can go into the jar for chores that are all done, or for awesome obedient behavior. So, of course they can be taken out too. The have to remove a fuzzy if they are disobedient or naughty. This system works quite well for my little family. The girls love to get fuzzies and hate to lose them so it works great!



The jars are just Mason jars with the girls’ names cut out using my Cricut in pink vinyl, and a little ribbon tied at the mouth for a fun touch.


The Chore charts are made from foam board that I received at an Elmers Craft and Tell Night hosted by my friend, Jamielyn over at I Heart Naptime, one of my favorite blogs!



It was such a fun night and each of us walked away with a gift bag full of goodies. The board was a bi-fold board so I just cut it in half with an exacto knife.


Then I painted the front of the boards with magnetic paint, and then chalkboard paint ( Love that stuff!)


After the paint was all dry, I used paint markers (also from my Elmer’s craft night) to draw the lines to hold the days of the week, the chores needing to be done and the check marks. If you don’t have paint markers, you could totally use acrylic paint, or a metallic sharpie.


I used my love bug Cricut to cut out vinyl days of the week, and the girls names.


On my Computer I printed out the chores I wanted the girls to do each day. After printing them and cutting each one out, I ran them through my laminator and backed each one with a magnet so it would stick right to the board and be interchangeable!

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I wanted to be able to change the chores in the future, so magnets made that possible.


A little ribbon glued to the back for hanging and I absolutely love how they turned out and how functional they are for my family.



It was super easy, just a bit of measuring. Now the girls can use chalk to check off the chores they complete each day!

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