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Chalkboard Banner

Lately I have been crushing hard on chalkboard paint! I change my mind A LOT and chalk boards are seriously perfect decorations for someone who is often changing things up!

I made this banner for my daughter’s 5th birthday a few weeks ago. Super easy. Here is the supply list:

chalkboard… – Check it out at

Piano Makeover

I have played the piano since I was 7. I took lessons until my junior year in high school when I decided I was way TOO cool, and didn’t have enough time for practicing anymore. I started teaching lessons to kids when I was 15 and haven’t stopped. I currently have 19 students and I… – Check it out at

Craft Room it UP!

Oh man! Today’s post is like crack for my soul! Yes..I said crack. No..I don’t actually do crack, crack is not a joke. But sometimes there comes along something in my life that makes me feel so happy, that I feel like I am on a high I just don’t wanna come down from. Hence,… – Check it out at

Upright Piano Moving Tip

I am writing this post today from a place of TOTAL EXCITEMENT!!!! EEEEEK!!! My uber talented friend Marcy who painted my Chevron Patterned Wall in my craft room is now going to paint my piano!!! Should I use a few more exclamation marks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is how stoked I am about it!!! Now… – Check it out at!

{Big} Announcement!!


Hi everyone, today I have some BIG news to share with you! I have started a new blog called  32turns!!   I am so extremely excited about my new site and have been blogging there on a consistent and regular (pretty much every day) basis for the last few weeks! I know I have been super less than consistent about new content on She Made it and for that I apologize!

But let me make it up to you by having you come visit me at my new home.

 32 Turns Button

32 turns, is a lifestyle/craft blog where I share easy crafts, ideas for the holidays, great and simple recipes, and things to make your life easier, and more organized. Plus I share bits about me and my life because that is how friendships work. I will share me with you, and hopefully you will come and visit often and comment and let me get to know you better. 

Here is a taste of some of the things you will find over at 32 turns:

Strawberry Vanilla Banana Bread 32turns (10)

Thumbtack Craft Balls 32turns (2)


Shower Dessert Table 32turns (8)

I love blogging, and since I have done a rotten job of keeping up with it on this site, I just wanted a fresh start and a clean slate. But don’t fear, I am not abandoning you, I am still going to be blogging here at She Made it, I promise at least a few times a month. I love She Made it, it was my first blogging endeavor and it means a lot to me. But again I am GIDDY with excitement about 32turns! 

Come and take a peek!

Last Minute Valentine’s Inspiration

Hey all! I know I haven’t blogged since Christmas! YIKES! Where does the time go?? Seriously, how does it fly by so fast. I have actually had these Valentine’s Day decorations up since mid January and I am just now posting them for you. Lame me, I know! Hope you enjoy them!

Vday Decor, She Made it Crafts (2)

The top of  my piano is the only place in the house that the decorations change for every season. It makes it fun for all my piano students! Plus then there are always treats and candies on the piano for me to bribe them with!


Vday Decor, She Made it Crafts (4)

I LOVE apothecary jars, they are so pretty and fun. I like the challenge of coming up with different things to fill them with for every season.


Vday Decor, She Made it Crafts (5)

I painted the “Be Mine” sign and the birdhouse. The columns I made myself and I top them with different cutie things whenever I change out my décor. To see the post on how to make your own columns go HERE.


Vday Decor, She Made it Crafts (3)

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Go Love someone!

Guest Posting Today at I HEART NAPTIME!!

Okay, so today is such a GREAT day! Not only am I being featured over at Young and Crafty, but I am guest posting over at Jamie’s blog, I Heart Naptime!!!!

When Jamie agreed to let me guest post on her blog I was ECSTATIC! I have followed her blog for close to 2 years and I LOVE her stuff! Not only is she a fantastic and creative mind, but she also happens to be a very good friend of mine and my next door neighbor! I promise you people, she is the real deal! She really is all she seems on her blog, sweet, funny, creative, gorgeous, and a heck of a lot of fun!

So go over and visit her today and share some love!!


Clearance Frame Re-do

I found these frames at Target on a clearance end cap!! SCORE!! They were less than $2 dollars a piece! And one of them is cute and I am not going to do a thing to it; (well as of right now anyway!)


What a deal because let’s face it, sometimes clearance at Target is not really clearance! What do you mean only a dollar or two off the regular price, that does NOT equal clearance in my book!

So like I said, love the white with the green damask print, but the “grandkids” one….cute, but I am not a grandmother, so it needed some changing!

Ever since my burlap wreath project I seem to be wanting to find more ways to use burlap. I despise the mess it makes on my floor while I am working with it, and let’s be I honest, it has a slightly nasty smell, but it can be super cute!!

So instead of grabbing the spray paint (spray paint is always my first grab to fix ANYTHING!) I decided to cut a strip of burlap and make sure the edges were nice and frayed. Then I used my hot glue gun to secure the burlap in the front and on the sides in the back. This covered up the words, YAY!




Obviously too plain, it needs something cute and girlie, how about a flower.

I love rolled flowers (stay tuned for my tutorial on this tomorrow) so I made 3 lovely flowers and glued them right onto the burlap.


After looking at it for like 5 minutes……like it, but not in love with it (does that ever happen to you) it just seemed to be missing something.

Then, voila!! Inspiration struck in the form of a 6 inch piece of ribbon on my craft table, a scrap of ribbon that I have been tempted to throw away many times. I cut it into 2 small pieces and glued them right under the main flower, and Ahhhhhh, there we go. Peace and satisfaction in the form of creativity.


I LOVE CLEARANCE and my stash of ribbon and material! A girl can never have enough!

By the way I am linking this project up to:
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