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Last Minute Valentine’s Inspiration

Hey all! I know I haven’t blogged since Christmas! YIKES! Where does the time go?? Seriously, how does it fly by so fast. I have actually had these Valentine’s Day decorations up since mid January and I am just now posting them for you. Lame me, I know! Hope you enjoy them!

Vday Decor, She Made it Crafts (2)

The top of  my piano is the only place in the house that the decorations change for every season. It makes it fun for all my piano students! Plus then there are always treats and candies on the piano for me to bribe them with!


Vday Decor, She Made it Crafts (4)

I LOVE apothecary jars, they are so pretty and fun. I like the challenge of coming up with different things to fill them with for every season.


Vday Decor, She Made it Crafts (5)

I painted the “Be Mine” sign and the birdhouse. The columns I made myself and I top them with different cutie things whenever I change out my décor. To see the post on how to make your own columns go HERE.


Vday Decor, She Made it Crafts (3)

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Go Love someone!


I really do LOVE Halloween! NOT the scary, yucky, gory part of it, but the fun, cute, silly pumpkin face part! It is such a fun holiday to decorate for, don’t you think?

Here is what is up around my house for Halloween.

My pride and glory this year is this wreath I just finished. ADORE it! If you want the tutorial to make one of your own, go


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Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (10)

Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (11)

The top of my piano. Don’t you think the little vinyl spider is so friendly? Smile

Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (4)

My Entertainment Center.

Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (7)

Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (8)

Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (9)

And last but not least, this scary little guy is hanging right inside the front door to SCARE anyone who dares to come in. My youngest made this spider, she is so proud of it.

Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (5)Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (6)

Happy Halloween everyone! You done decorating your house?

ALL Seasons Columns

Today I am going to share a neat project with you, Seasonal Columns with interchangeable toppers! I love things that serve more than one purpose. These columns can decorate your home in ANY season. Just replace the topper with a trinket suitable to whatever holiday is around the corner.

Decor Columns with Interchangeable Toppers, She Made it (8)

Right now mine are dressed up for spring, but I am excited to change them for the 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, and everything in between!

Decor Columns with Interchangeable Toppers, She Made it (7)

List of Supplies:

table leg (hardware store $3-$5 depending on size)

moulding corner (hardware store, moulding section $2-$3)

wooden dowel

spray paint

glaze (optional)

wood glue or Gorilla Glue



First drill a hole in the center of your moulding corner. This is so that the screw in the top of the table leg has a place to go. Then drill a hole in the center of the bottom of the table leg, about 3/4” deep. This hole is for your dowel to fit into.

She Made it

Cut dowel so you have (2) 2 1/2” pieces.

Sand pieces if necessary, then spray paint. I glazed all pieces to make them look distressed. I love me some distressing!

After paint is dry, glue the table leg onto the square, I used Gorilla Glue, but wood glue would work as well. We use Gorilla Glue at my house so much that when my 5 year old broke her Barbie’s tiara last week she asked me if I could just fix it with “Daddy’s special Gorilla Glue” sigh…so cute!

Fit the dowels into the hole at the top of the table leg. Voila, hard part done!

Decor Columns with Interchangeable Toppers, She Made it (10)

Now head off to the craft store and go straight to the wood nic-nac aisle. Pick out some stuff, (they are super cheap, like .25 to .59 cent cheap) bring them home and paint them. You can either glue them onto your dowel, or drill a hole in the bottom of your item and fit it onto the top of the dowel. I chose a birdhouse, and a cutie ovalish shape!

She Made it1

The birdhouse I painted with acrylic paint and them glazed. The shape looked like a  sign to me, so after spray paint and glaze I printed out “Spring” in pink vinyl and used a brad for the dot on the “I”. Then I drilled holes in the bottom of both shapes and fit them onto the dowels.

Decor Columns with Interchangeable Toppers, She Made it (9)

Now take note people, here is the cool part. I didn’t glue the dowels or the toppers on. So come the next Holiday, I can switch them right out with something more suitable. Here is a pic of some of the fun things I picked up for future use!

Decor Columns with Interchangeable Toppers, She Made it (13)


Decor Columns with Interchangeable Toppers, She Made it (6)

This was a super fun, easy, affordable and totally functional project!




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Guest Posting Today at I HEART NAPTIME!!

Okay, so today is such a GREAT day! Not only am I being featured over at Young and Crafty, but I am guest posting over at Jamie’s blog, I Heart Naptime!!!!

When Jamie agreed to let me guest post on her blog I was ECSTATIC! I have followed her blog for close to 2 years and I LOVE her stuff! Not only is she a fantastic and creative mind, but she also happens to be a very good friend of mine and my next door neighbor! I promise you people, she is the real deal! She really is all she seems on her blog, sweet, funny, creative, gorgeous, and a heck of a lot of fun!

So go over and visit her today and share some love!!


Look at the EGGS now!

Okay, so remember those jute eggs from a few days ago. Look at them now! They were super cute just on their own, but check out this spring wreath! ADORABLE! I am in absolute LOVE with it!

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Spring Wreath, She Made it

My neighbor Melissa and I put this beauty together last night! We glued the jute eggs onto the wreath with hot glue. Added a cutie little nest we found at JoAnn’s. Tied some ribbon and a bow on it. And my favorite part…..the SIGN! Doesn’t it just make the wreath?


We used paint sticks (you know the free ones from the hardware store, I always grab a few when I am there, never know what you might need them for!) This sign used 2 paint sticks. We cute them down to size, and them glued them together with gorilla glue (one of my faves Smileit will glue anything together!) Then we sanded it by hand just a bit to hide the line where the sticks met and then painted it white. A little glaze to distress it and it was so cute. The word “Spring” cut out with my cricut in pink vinyl completed the look. Isn’t that font cute? It is Boingo, and it might be my new favorite!


So what do you think? I think I may need one for myself!!!! How many wreaths can you hang on your door? I already have one…..would TWO look funny? One of the outside of the door and one on the inside????? Smile



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Countdown to Easter

This is the project I guest posted at Mine For the Making last week. Just in case you missed it!

I don’t know about you but at my house right now we are ALL about EASTER!

My 2 girls LoVE Easter, (of course they do, egg hunts and candy, what else could they want?)

I have come up with a terra-cotta bunny pot. A cute place to keep treats and to count down the days ‘til Easter is here!


Terra Cotta Pot
Foam Brush
Glue Gun
Acrylic Paint (I used pink)
Spray Paint (I used green)
Foam sheets (dark and light pink and white)
2 black pipe cleaners
fluff balls (white and pink, different sizes)
plastic googly eyes
cardstock and patterned paper
Black marker
vinyl wording (optional)












Okay, so there you have it! Now anything I say beyond this point you probably won’t even read….but I just have to share! My girls really love doing crafts with me, so I bought them each their own small terra cotta pot and they made bunnies of their own.

Check it out! So cute! You could totally do this with your kiddos!

She Made it (3)





What a cutie faced, “HOPPY” little bunny pot family! I know too “punny” I just couldn’t help myself!

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Easter Egg

I made this egg last year, BUT I love it and want to share it with you because it was super easy, and super cute!





I bought this ugly blue egg at Michaels and it was about $5 bucks after I used my coupon, I also bought this little frame and the ribbon for $1 each there as well. The frame was mustard yellow and not cute. But it had GREAT detail.

I spray painted the egg pink, then speckled it with brown acrylic paint. Just dip an old paintbrush in paint and flick it over your egg. Not clean, but effective!

I spray painted the frame and stamped an egg and “Dream” onto cardstock and glued it behind the frame.

I wrapped ribbon around the egg. Made a bow and attached it at the top.

There you go. Simple. Easy. Cute. Very Easter!

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