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Simple Halloween Treat Bags

I do love little monsters! Halloween can be scary and yucky and gross and icky, but I love the goofier side to this fun holiday. The fall pumpkins, the silly costumes and the yummy candy. These simple Halloween treat bags are super easy and cute. Perfect as a little gift to share some Halloween… – Check it out at

Burlap Halloween Wreath

October 1st!! Halloween is almost here! Well…not really “almost” here. But we all know how fast these fall and winter months go by. Pretty soon it will be Halloween, then turn around and Thanksgiving, and then before you can blink it is Christmas! Agh!!
These 3 end of the year… – Check it out at


I really do LOVE Halloween! NOT the scary, yucky, gory part of it, but the fun, cute, silly pumpkin face part! It is such a fun holiday to decorate for, don’t you think?

Here is what is up around my house for Halloween.

My pride and glory this year is this wreath I just finished. ADORE it! If you want the tutorial to make one of your own, go


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Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (10)

Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (11)

The top of my piano. Don’t you think the little vinyl spider is so friendly? Smile

Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (4)

My Entertainment Center.

Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (7)

Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (8)

Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (9)

And last but not least, this scary little guy is hanging right inside the front door to SCARE anyone who dares to come in. My youngest made this spider, she is so proud of it.

Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (5)Halloween Decor, She Made it Crafts (6)

Happy Halloween everyone! You done decorating your house?

October is Here

If you haven’t gotten into the PINTEREST craze yet, (Amy B.) then get on it! I promise you will absolutely become addicted in a good way. As long as you don’t start ignoring house and kids just to PIN everything you can find ( I have done it, NOT a good idea!)


Since General Conference was today and that means we stay home all weekend and hang out, I decided to pull out the Halloween decor and decorate. Fun! I love decorating for Halloween, I am not the spooky blood and guts Halloween girl, I like the fun, goofy items like cute pumpkins and witches.


As soon as everything is finished I promise I will show you some pictures. :)

But since I don’t have anything of my own to show you yet, you should check out my Halloween Pinterest Board HERE.

Here is a preview of some of the great things I have pinned:



Gift Bag from iheart2stamp


Pumpkin Caramel Apples from Bakingdom


Boo printable from Best Friends for Frosting


Adorable Halloween Pillow from Crap I’ve Made


Trick or Treat Pumpkins from Seeing Ink Spots


Halloween Candy Display from eighteen25


Got your Halloween stuff out yet? Start decorating!

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