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Antique Sewing Desk Makeover

My first, again I repeat, MY FIRST furniture makeover experience……and……I LOVE IT!

It was so much work, but so worth the effort and I am in love with this piece. Plus it is so perfect for my space and my needs.

Sewing Desk, She Made it Crafts

I bought this desk from my friend Amy (she blogs here, go check her out, she is hilarious)


Amy found the desk at an antique store, she sold it to me for a whopping $30 bucks! What a deal!

It was a nasty yellow (sorry Amy, I know you painted it that color Smile)


First I stripped off all the paint .

Sewing desk, She Made it Crafts (9)


Sewing Desk, She Made it Crafts (5)

Then sanded it down really well.

Sewing Desk, She Made it (3)

My dear husband cut out the middle of the inside of the desk with his saw. I really wanted to be able to attach my sewing machine (like sewing machines of old) and have it flip down inside the desk. Wouldn’t that have been awesome? But we just couldn’t make it work. I guess sewing machines are bigger than they used to be!

Sewing Desk, She Made it (4)

We washed it all up with mineral spirits to get all the sanding dust and paint flecks off.


I bought a board at the hardware store the same thickness as the desk. My husband measured the square hole and cut the board to fit.

Sewing Desk, She Made it (6)

I used wood filler to fill the cracks so there would not be an indentation. I wanted a flat work surface.


After primer, paint, and polycrylic it was almost done.


Black spray painted hinges, and new knobs finished the job,

Sewing Desk Redo, She Made it Crafts (3)

and I moved it right into my space.


Sewing Desk Redo, She Made it Crafts (9)

Sewing Desk Redo, She Made it Crafts (8)

Sewing Desk Redo, She Made it Crafts (6)

I love it, it is so cute and convenient. I can just leave my cutting mat inside the desk as I fold up the leaves. My machine and mat are always just sitting out, ready to be used. It is so great!


My craft space is the dining room off the kitchen. It is totally a space we weren’t really using in our home (as we don’t have a formal dining table) so I have taken it over. More on that in a later post.


I am in the process of completely re-organizing all my crafty things, as soon as I am done I will get a post up with lots of pics!


Do you like the desk??



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