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Ahhhhh!!! How did I not know this about my Cricut!!!

Okay, so I have owned a Cricut for well over 6 years. Maybe even 7 years, the point is that I should really know everything about how to use one. I am the type of person who even reads the instruction manual cover to cover!


Well, I of course have been using the heck out of my Cricut lately as Christmas is right around the corner and there are many crafts to be made. I was getting seriously frustrated with a piece of vinyl not cutting right. This is not the first time that has happened. Who can relate to ruining an awesome piece of beautiful paper, or a piece of vinyl because the blade just didn’t cut correctly? ME TOO!


So this evening I was fed up and ran to Google for some help. WHY did I not do this sooner? I found some fantastic info. I just tried it out and I am in love and so excited, of course I have to share.


The first thing I found is a cute little chart that tells you what to set your blade depth, pressure, and speed at for cutting different types of paper and vinyl. I cut my chart out and taped it to the inside lid of my Cricut so it is always at hand.

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Go HERE to find the chart. I highly recommend that you do, I just cut a piece of vinyl and it was perfect and it weeded so beautifully and I DIDN’T waste ANY perfectly good VINYL!!!!


The second awesome tip I found was how to make your used Cricut mat sticky again. WHAT? Save money and not have to buy a new mat? I AM IN!



Go HERE to read all about how to do this.


I just want to say THANKS to these lovely ladies for sharing this wonderful information on their blogs!  They made my night so much easier, and I didn’t even have to scream at my cricut!!!

Chore Charts


Getting kids to do chores is always a bit tricky. My 2 girls respond really well to reward programs so I made our family their very first chore charts. One for each cutie girl. They can check off the chores they have completed each day and at the end of the day if all chores were completed they get to pick a warm fuzzy to put in their jar. When their jars are full, then they get to pick a date with Mom or Dad anywhere they want to go. Well….anywhere within reason! Not to Disneyland, more like the movies, bowling or Chuck E. Cheese!


Fuzzies can go into the jar for chores that are all done, or for awesome obedient behavior. So, of course they can be taken out too. The have to remove a fuzzy if they are disobedient or naughty. This system works quite well for my little family. The girls love to get fuzzies and hate to lose them so it works great!



The jars are just Mason jars with the girls’ names cut out using my Cricut in pink vinyl, and a little ribbon tied at the mouth for a fun touch.


The Chore charts are made from foam board that I received at an Elmers Craft and Tell Night hosted by my friend, Jamielyn over at I Heart Naptime, one of my favorite blogs!



It was such a fun night and each of us walked away with a gift bag full of goodies. The board was a bi-fold board so I just cut it in half with an exacto knife.


Then I painted the front of the boards with magnetic paint, and then chalkboard paint ( Love that stuff!)


After the paint was all dry, I used paint markers (also from my Elmer’s craft night) to draw the lines to hold the days of the week, the chores needing to be done and the check marks. If you don’t have paint markers, you could totally use acrylic paint, or a metallic sharpie.


I used my love bug Cricut to cut out vinyl days of the week, and the girls names.


On my Computer I printed out the chores I wanted the girls to do each day. After printing them and cutting each one out, I ran them through my laminator and backed each one with a magnet so it would stick right to the board and be interchangeable!

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I wanted to be able to change the chores in the future, so magnets made that possible.


A little ribbon glued to the back for hanging and I absolutely love how they turned out and how functional they are for my family.



It was super easy, just a bit of measuring. Now the girls can use chalk to check off the chores they complete each day!

An ALL Panties Kinda Girl!

If you remember 2 weeks ago my silly post about potty training my 2 year old! It has been a long 2 weeks, but it is now official! Drum roll please…..we are all potty trained in this house! NO MORE DIAPERS!


Okay, okay, I know I still have to buy Pull-Ups for night time, but seriously this is the first time in over 5 years that I have NOT had to buy diapers and wipes and change diapers all the whole day long!


Can I say it??? WAHOOO!!!


To celebrate my little one’s HUGE accomplishment I made her a cute jar to put her potty treats in. I have not had to clean up a mess on the floor for over a week now. I am still gonna reward her for using the toilet for a few more weeks at least. It is fun, and she likes it, and I just want her to use the potty, so if a little sugar gets the job done, than so be it!


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I purchased a candlestick and a glass jar with a lid from Goodwill. (Candlestick .99, Jar w/lid 1.99) I spray painted the candlestick and the lid HOT pink and then tied some ribbon around the jar. After printing out “potty treats” in vinyl and sticking on jar it was ALL DONE!


Now it looks so cute sitting on the bathroom counter waiting for little girl to be a big girl and use the potty! Love it!



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