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Cleaning TIP

I have this obsessive LOVE of cleaning NEED to clean! Over the years I have developed a few tips and trickeroos that work really well for me! I thought I would share one with you.

THIS TIP TODAY that I am sharing is perhaps my FAVORITE ONE! And it isn’t even HARD! All you need is………..drumroll please…..


apron from ucreate

This apron is from Ucreate. An Awesome blog that I have followed for a REALLY LONG time. Go and visit, I promise you will LOVE IT!

Just put on an apron before you start tidying up the house. Then as you clean each room you can put those items that belong in other rooms into the apron pockets. As you move through the house you can pull those items out of your pockets and return them to their rightful places throughout the house!

No more running around taking each item to it’s proper place one at at time!

This apron-pocket method saves me a lot of time. My kids carry their little toys and trinkets all over the house. I love that I can collect and deposit those cutie little toys back into their room at the same time instead of one by one!

So, GO TRY IT! You might find that you LIKE IT!!

Any to die for tips and tricks for cleaning that you want to share with me?

Spring cleaning has arrived!

So…yesterday a breeze blew right through my house, a breeze you say? Yep, that is RIGHT the SPRING CLEANING BREEZE! I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but one day I get bit by a bug and a cleaning I go!

Usually I get ALL kinds of stressed out, making lists of every tiny thing that needs to be cleaned and dusted and polished and mopped and organized, well… get the picture. This year I decided for the sake of my family things need to be different. No crazy mom running around yelling at everyone to not play with toys, don’t touch the table and are you eating food in my house? Food with crumbs? How dare you!

Yep, that is right I needed a new plan of attack. I did make a list, but a less extensive one than in previous years, (yes, I have a serious problem with lists.) I am now going room by room, goal is a room a day, but if the room takes 2 days or 3 that is ok. I figure if I move through the rooms one at a time then I can focus on just that space instead of the whole house. I am calling it “The Focus Cleaning Plan” Ok, so I am not calling it that, I really just made that up right now. I know, the secret is out I am actually a big dork!

But back to the new plan, instead of thinking about the baseboards in the whole house, I can just think about the ones in the room I am cleaning. Instead of dreading cleaning all the window sills and blinds in the whole house, I can just think about the ones right in front of me! So, far it is working. I highly recommend this plan to anyone looking to cut down on their stress filled cleaning frenzies.

Yesterday I focused on the living room, I even cleaned the couches. Slip covers off and washed in washing machine, arms and back of couch cleaned with one of my favorite toys, my Bissell little green. And behind the couch is cleaned and mopped. How does all the stuff accumulate back there????


little green


Yep, it is a mean green cleaning machine, and IT WORKS GREAT! This is the third one I have owned. (The other two I wore right out!)

Here are the couches with the cushions off, and slip covers off.






Then here is the FINAL product!!!! Clean downy fresh smelling couch. Now if everyone in my house would just REMEMBER TO PUT A BLANKET DOWN BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY SIT ON THE COUCH!! Ha, Ha, Ha!

My Silver is CLEAN!

Today something really special happened to me. But before I can tell you, you need some background info.

My Grandmother is one of the most special people in my life! I love and adore her. I was perusing her large (and very fun) jewelry collection while at her house last week. I noticed this amazing pendant necklace I had never seen before. It turns out that it had belonged to my great-great grandmother. How neat right?

Ok, so back to today. My grandma is here visiting this week (she lives in another state) and what did she bring me all wrapped up in a cute little box? Well, the necklace of course! She had noticed how much I loved it and wanted me to have it. I was so surprised and moved that she would give me something so important to her!

But…the necklace was a bit tarnished, as silver jewelry does tend to get that way. So right away I pulled out the stuff to clean that necklace up! And of course while I was at it, I might as well do a few other jewelry pieces from my stash that have needed to be done for awhile now.

So, pull out your tarnished silver jewelry and GET CLEANING! This is super easy and the results are quick and amazing! I really like to clean things that give me huge instant results! Instant gratification baby!

You will need a pan lined with crumpled up tin foil, boiling water and baking soda. I also use a toothbrush (not the one for your teethies!) and a wooden spoon.
First you lay your jewelry out in the pan, make sure all of it is touching the tin foil. Then sprinkle the baking soda all over it, don’t be stingy, use a good amount.


Then pour the boiling water right over the top of your jewelry. Don’t worry it will fizz and bubble and SMELL HORRIBLE!! It will smell like rotten eggs, so plug your nose and watch your sterling silver become clean.


I always use a wooden spoon to gently push the jewelry around. This ensures that all the parts get clean. Sometime I also use a toothbrush to scrub little pieces or intricate parts.


Then rinse off your jewelry and dry and shine with a soft towel. And…… ta da! Shiny and Clean necklaces, earrings, and bracelets coming right up!

Here is my great-great grandmother’s necklace, doesn’t it look awesome all cleaned up, I think it needs a date! So that is what I am gonna do! Me and my necklace are headed out for dinner with the hubs! Have fun cleaning all your pretties!


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