Roll it UP Crayon Rolls

Crayon Roll, She Made it Crafts (2)

I made like 10 of these for Christmas 2 years ago for my 2 daughters and for all my nieces and nephews. I am not a proficient sewer by ANY means, I really just sew well enough to get by on simple projects. These were SO easy to make and my girls still use theirs every Sunday.


I LOVE the crayon roll-ups for church because it stops those pesky little crayons from falling out of the box or ziploc bag and falling off the pew onto the floor or the row behind you. I know a lot of you can sympathize with being in a skirt/dress and trying to fish around under your seat to find that missing crayon! Ugh! But since my girls have been using these rolls, the crayons STAY PUT and fall onto the floor much less often, which makes the efforts I took to sew these babies totally worth it!!!


We have also used these on car trips and it works just as awesomely for all the same reasons! The girls just lay their crayon roll up over their lap and color away, and I find WAY less crayons all over the floor of my vehicle waiting for a hot day to MELT into the mat!


Crayon Roll, She Made it Crafts

I found the tutorial HERE, try it, I promise you will like it!! Winking smile

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