Ahhhhh!!! How did I not know this about my Cricut!!!

Okay, so I have owned a Cricut for well over 6 years. Maybe even 7 years, the point is that I should really know everything about how to use one. I am the type of person who even reads the instruction manual cover to cover!


Well, I of course have been using the heck out of my Cricut lately as Christmas is right around the corner and there are many crafts to be made. I was getting seriously frustrated with a piece of vinyl not cutting right. This is not the first time that has happened. Who can relate to ruining an awesome piece of beautiful paper, or a piece of vinyl because the blade just didn’t cut correctly? ME TOO!


So this evening I was fed up and ran to Google for some help. WHY did I not do this sooner? I found some fantastic info. I just tried it out and I am in love and so excited, of course I have to share.


The first thing I found is a cute little chart that tells you what to set your blade depth, pressure, and speed at for cutting different types of paper and vinyl. I cut my chart out and taped it to the inside lid of my Cricut so it is always at hand.

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Go HERE to find the chart. I highly recommend that you do, I just cut a piece of vinyl and it was perfect and it weeded so beautifully and I DIDN’T waste ANY perfectly good VINYL!!!!


The second awesome tip I found was how to make your used Cricut mat sticky again. WHAT? Save money and not have to buy a new mat? I AM IN!



Go HERE to read all about how to do this.


I just want to say THANKS to these lovely ladies for sharing this wonderful information on their blogs!  They made my night so much easier, and I didn’t even have to scream at my cricut!!!

48 Responses to “Ahhhhh!!! How did I not know this about my Cricut!!!”

  • I need to try that with the mats!! Thanks for the tip!

  • Amanda:

    The link to see how to make the mat sticky again is no longer available. Can you give any clues on how to do this?

  • trakaszcie:

    To restick your Cricut Mat, first I use a baby wipe to clean off all the extra debris or tiny pieces of paper already stuck to the mat. Then you need to mask off the edges of the mat [where the rollers touch it inside the machine, this way it does not gum up]. I use masking tape or paper for that. Once taped off, use REPOSITIONABLE spray adhesive [make sure it is repositionable!!] You can get this at Jo-Ann’s/Michael’s/Hobby Lobby. It can be expensive, but use a 40% off coupon that is usually available weekly. Spray the repositionable adhesive in an even coat over the entire mat. Once dry [after a few minutes] peel off the edging, and you’re ready to go! BE CAREFUL THOUGH, it is usually really, really sticky the first time, so use caution when removing the first few items so you do not rip them! I’ve done this over the last year and I have only just bought a new mat about a month ago!

    Good luck!

    • The zig 2 way pen works great too, and I think it was only 8 bucks. I included a tutorial I had pinned

    • Tara:

      This trick with the glue is TERRIBLE. I ruined 2 mats trying that technique. The first time I thought I did it wrong, and the second I redid it just to do it ‘correctly’.. both times failed MISERABLY.
      I **HIGHLY** recommend the ZIG 2 way glue like another mentioned. That works EVERY TIME for me. I also will ‘clean’ my mats with a few alcohol wipes, go over it with a lint roller, then the ZIG glue. Try it!

    • Quilters basting spray in blue spray can in any sewing store also works perfectly and a little less super sticky at first so I use that. One can lasts forever. We used it at the local scrapbook store where I worked too on those mats because we cut so many things for classes. We also washed them with soapy water and a toothbrush first and it was amazing how much paper lint comes off!
      Kathy Aho

      • Sassy:

        If you use and spray adhesive and it is too sticky just remove some of the stickiness by putting you hands on the sheet your body oils will remove some of the sticky better yet get your kids to do it they will have a blast and you will have a newly not so sticky mat!

  • Sheri:

    You can actually just wash your cricut mat with soapy water and let air dry. The idea is that you are removing all the debris from past projects stuck to the mat. The stickiness is still there under all that stuff and doesn’t wash away. I save a lot of money this way and don’t have to deal with the over stickiness that the spray adhesive leaves.

  • Andrea:

    Are these settings for the Expression? I think they are way too high and you’ll be cutting into your mat. Vinyl doesn’t require very high pressure nor blade depth. I use blade 2 and pressure 2 and have gotten perfect results. You don’t want to cut through the backing paper. I also keep a blade to use just for vinyl so it doesn’t dull from cutting paper. Regular cardstock shouldn’t need blade of more than 3 and pressure of 3-4. Vellum probably blade 2 and pressure maybe 3.

    • Andrea, these settings are for the Expression. They have worked perfectly for me. I will have to try your settings as well just to check it out. I wonder if you have a different blade than I do? I know that if I set my pressure less than a 3, the blade doesn’t cut all the way through the vinyl. For me a 3 cuts perfectly through the vinyl but not the backing….wierd! Good to know, thanks for sharing!

  • Pam:

    Thanks so much for the tips…I am ready to get my expression out again!!!

  • Ev:

    I had great luck wshing my mat with liquid dish detergent and water. Just let it air dry, and it was like new! I’ve already gotten about two months use out of it and will try to wash it again.

  • Cindy H:

    I am having trouble with the Stampin’ Up! cardstock cutting all the way through.
    after cutting it the layers separate. Any tips?

  • Cindy H:

    I am having trouble cutting through Stampin’ Up! carstock and the layers seperating after cutting. Any suggestions

  • Lydia:

    There are two types of blades for the cricket. Use the one with a blue tip which is made for cardstock. You can find it at JoAnns.

  • Christie:

    I’m pretty sure that if you use a mat that you have made sticky. . . it voids the warranty on your cricut machine. . . so beware.

  • Jan:

    Thank you so much for the chart! Why oh Why doesn’t Cricut post these?????

  • Carlita:

    I wish I had read this post a long time ago. After getting my Cricut for Christmas, 1 1/2 years ago, I have only done a couple of small projects on it because of this very problem. Thanks for the remarks about the different kinds of blades. Was not aware of that. And I thought I was doing something wrong with the depth of cutting with just card stock, not even vinyl. And it’s good to know that the cutting mats can be cleaned off. Hope it works. This makes me want to get it back out again. THANKS!

  • Marcia:

    I watched a video on YouTube showing how to use masking tape to hold down your papers when the glue is no longer sticky. I haven’t bought a new mat in a year!

  • Cheryl:

    Has anybody tried using your CriCut to cut fabric? If so, how did it go? I’m thinking about doing a quilt with letters on it.

    • Cheryl, I have not ever used my Cricut to cut fabric. If you do it, please let me know, I would love to know how you went about it and how well it worked!

    • Dawn:

      Yes! Just use a spray fabric stiffener, let air dry, and cut like vinyl. Also, I don’t like to use the same blades for fabric and paper, so I keep my blades labeled.

    • Mollie:

      I used mine to cut fabric for the first time last night. I simply used the heat bond backing on the fabric and then placed it on the mat fabric side down. Make sure if you are doing lettering that you flip the letters in Cricut Craft Studio first so that they are the right way when you take them off the mat. I was shocked at how well it cut. I did notice though that the brand new mat I used to cut the fabric lost it’s sticky very fast since the fabric was up against it. I will have to try some of the tips to make the mat sticky again.

  • Cheryl:

    Okay, I found a project on the Cricut site (a bandana) that had instructions for cutting fabric, so I tried it. First, iron on Heat-n-Bond to your fabric. Remove the paper backing and stick it bond-side-down on your mat. Set your machine to: Medium speed; High pressure; Blade depth 5; Multi-cut 1. I used a cotton fabric and it went very well–just a few frays here and there, but not because of the Cricut. I don’t have the fabric I want to iron it onto yet, so I can’t tell you how it will wear, but the machine did its job. I can post a pic when I finish if you like.

  • Jaci:

    Iron fabric to an iron on adhesive. Cut your letter or whatever you are cutting. Peel paper off and iron on final project. I made a t-shirt for my granddaughter. Beautiful!!

  • Susan:

    What works better than the glue stick is Tack it over and over. 80 percent water 20 percent tack it over and over and sponge brush one layer on. Keep leftover glue in air tight container. Let dry over night. Cheap and works way better. (I’ve done the stick and it does work, but wears out faster than this.)

  • Harmonie:

    Thank you all for your wonderful tips. I find that I am cutting a lot at a time so I needed many mats. What I did was cut one of the 24×12 ones in half and it worked great. I may be a little late with this tip. I am new to it all.

  • Megan:

    Another helpful tip for everyone try going to this website: http://www.obsessedwithscrapbooking.com. Joy gives you all kinds of tips for the Cricut and walks you through some small projects. She even posts videos on how to use your special features on your Cricut!!!

  • mellieme:

    To make your mat sticky again, just wash it with a little dish detergent, warm water anD a plastic Scrubby. Allow to air dry. It loses its stickiness because of the dirt and paper fiber it collects. wash off the dirt and it will be sticky again!

  • Judy:

    Don’t have a website, but do have cricut’s, expression and mini. Also have the first one they came out with. I appreciate all the above! Sometimes I can get so frustrated with my craft not turning out. Good advise on making mat sticky again, and really like the idea of how to cut fabric. I think I read about that somewhere but have never tried the fabric thing. Will have to give it a try. Thanks again to you all for your input.

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  • Terri:

    Hello lady’s I really need some help. My husband bought me an Expression two years ago. and I havent been able to do anything on it. I feel so stupid after reading some of the post. things look so easy. does anyone know where I came find some help

  • Terri:

    Hello lady’s I really need some help. My husband bought me an Expression two years ago. and I havent been able to do anything on it. I feel so stupid after reading some of the post. things look so easy. does anyone know where I can find some help

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  • Zig 2 way glue is great for resticking your mats.. when mine get real bad I clean them off with I sopropyl and slap on some 2 way. It comes in pen form in various tip sizes. LOVE that stuff. I use a lot of Zig products on my blog and haven’t had a single one I didn’t love yet…

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