An ALL Panties Kinda Girl!

If you remember 2 weeks ago my silly post about potty training my 2 year old! It has been a long 2 weeks, but it is now official! Drum roll please…..we are all potty trained in this house! NO MORE DIAPERS!


Okay, okay, I know I still have to buy Pull-Ups for night time, but seriously this is the first time in over 5 years that I have NOT had to buy diapers and wipes and change diapers all the whole day long!


Can I say it??? WAHOOO!!!


To celebrate my little one’s HUGE accomplishment I made her a cute jar to put her potty treats in. I have not had to clean up a mess on the floor for over a week now. I am still gonna reward her for using the toilet for a few more weeks at least. It is fun, and she likes it, and I just want her to use the potty, so if a little sugar gets the job done, than so be it!


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I purchased a candlestick and a glass jar with a lid from Goodwill. (Candlestick .99, Jar w/lid 1.99) I spray painted the candlestick and the lid HOT pink and then tied some ribbon around the jar. After printing out “potty treats” in vinyl and sticking on jar it was ALL DONE!


Now it looks so cute sitting on the bathroom counter waiting for little girl to be a big girl and use the potty! Love it!



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17 Responses to “An ALL Panties Kinda Girl!”

  • Tiffany:

    This is really, really cute! I want at least one or more for my house but not sure what color/words etc since I am don’t need a potty treat jar. Hmmm maybe just a be good treat jar….any ideas?

  • That’s great, I’m so glad Kaylee is finally done after months of trying. She goes around singing “No Diapers For Kaylee” and she still loves getting the hugs and high fives after she goes.

  • Just found your blog through I heart nap time! Love this cute treat jar. I have a 2 year old who I am about to start potty training. Like you I’ve been changing diapers for 5 years and am ready to be diaper free! Congrats!

    Maria @love & sugar kisses

  • Bec:

    Hey there!
    Saw you on I {heart} naptime … congrats on guest posting there! That’s awesome!
    I also have a two-year-old girl – with potty training “issues” (which I mention frequently on my blog:)~
    I was just thinking the other day that I need to make a cute container for her potty treats … you’ve inspired me to get it done!
    Awesome to meet you here!
    ~Bec @ littlelucylu

  • Now that is SUPER cute! I have a two year old and we’re getting ready to jump into the potty training really soon. I’m definitely going to try this! I don’t see anything wrong with a little sugar if it gets the job done! :)

    So cute!

    (Visiting via TDC)

  • Bec:

    Hey there (again!) …
    Just wanted to let you know, I’m finally getting around to posting Lucy’s potty treat jar this coming week, and I’m planning to link back to your potty treat jar, too! :-)
    (Mine’s not nearly as cool as yours – but it seems to be helping the cause, regardless!:)~
    Happy Day!
    ~Bec :-)

  • So beautifully done! What a lucky little girl to have such a fun and crafty mama.

    So glad I saw your link-up over at Flamingo Toes!

    New follower,
    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  • Kara:

    This is SO cute! And good for you momma!!! Im having such a hard time potty training my 3 year old! I cannot wait for summer break…we WILL be potty trained within the first week! And I will HAVE to make her a cute potty treat jar like this!!

  • So cute! Love the bright colors together! We would ♥ for you to show this off at our weekend linky party!

    Lolly Jane

  • Very cute idea! And it can be used for so much once the potty treats are over with…After 10 years straight of diapers in my house (although that was a while ago) I can totally relate to how exciting it is to finally be through with them! I came over from the Sundae Scoop link party.

  • what a great idea for a jar! so cute. I am far from getting my son potty trained but am very excited for when that day comes.

    I’m a new follower!

  • What a cute jar! Great idea!

    I would love to have you share this at my For the Kids link party! Come join the fun!

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