Potty Training Anyone?

I know, I know, potty training is always a dirty job! I have done it before, not my first time! But today was especially hilarious so I just HAVE to share! My little 2 year Taylor was insistent that today was pantie day, NO diapers!

I have been telling myself for awhile that it “was time” but I have kept putting it off. So…why not today! That girl peed everywhere, the carpet, the tile, the COUCH! She did pee in the toilet ONCE today. Yay! You take the wins where you can get ‘em folks!

This morning I wanted a clean house, but had NO desire to clean it myself. Then I started the potty training excitement and lo and behold….. I HAVE A CLEAN HOUSE. Apparently all you need to do to make yourself clean the house is slap some panties on your 2 1/2 year old. Then you will have a clean couch, mopped bathroom and kitchen floors, and shampooed carpets. Amazing huh?

Ok, so on to some pics, since they ARE the best part of any story!

She is so sweet, and looks so innocent.


Okay, so NOT so innocent, but still sweet!



Eating lunch, or……..



Can you see THAT puddle???? What??

And then the best for last, her sister took care of her face with markers. What a nice sister! Later she told me she was making Taylor into a cat.

Notice when I found the cat mask on her face, I also found her with WET shorts!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Some days as a mom you just have to freakin’ LAUGH!!! So LAUGH it up girls!!

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