Rolled Flower Tutorial

I learned how to make these “oh so cute” rolled flowers from my neighbor and dear friend Jamie over at her lovely and inspiring blog, I Heart Naptime! Jamie is the biggest reason why I have ventured out into unknown territory and started my own craft blog!

Go visit her, I promise you will not regret it!!!

All you need is some fabric, felt, scissors, and hot glue gun.

Just cut the fabric into a long strip and tie a knot at one end. Then glue the knot to the center of a square piece of felt.


Twist the fabric and wrap around the knot, gluing as you go.


You can twist as loosely or as tightly as you want, just depends on how you want the flower to look.

She Made it (2)

When the flower is as big as you want (or you are at the end of your fabric strip) just glue the end down.

Take your scissors and trim the felt square into a circle so that the felt isn’t visible when looking at the flower straight on.


You can then attach an alligator clip for your hair or a baby headband. A pin for a broach, or you can attach these flowers to picture frames, gift boxes, baskets, really they look good on anything! This particular flower I am gluing a velcro dot to the back so I can attach it to my very cool burlap wreath to dress it up for SPRING!

DSC00055 (2)

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